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Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and share this history of personal computing in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our Vision

We are building plans to create a classic computer museum, an on-line museum, and temporary expositions in cultural centres and universities in the region.

Our History

Since the 1980's, we have been avid users of personal computers and networks. We started playing games on them, then writing software, started careers around IT/Electronics/Mathematics, and becoming collectors of the computers we used back in the day.

During the last decades, we have been acquiring some of the most iconic computers that were produced in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. It has been a long and expensive journey -buying them, covering shipping costs/customs fees, storing them at constant humidity/temperature, maintaining them- but we are proud of the results: we have now in our possession hundreds of different classic computers, many of them even in working order.